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Gaia Cable Protection System

WLSO - Wireline standoff

Prevent both keyseating and differential cable sticking.


Wireline standoffs (WLSOs) are precision mechanical clamps that attach to logging cable to suspend it above sticky zones.  


Wireline standoffs (WLSOs) are arranged in arrays to cover the risk zones in the well. The number of standoffs is dependent on the number and size of the risk zones.

The average number of WLSOs deployed in one run is 33.

The average spacing of WLSOs is 55ft (~17m).

safe & Efficient INSTALLATION

WLSO installation

It takes under 1 minute to install a WLSO with our latest express kit.

Lanyards are attached to each half of the standoff to prevent dropped objects.  All hand tools are tied off.

The standoff is fixed with 4 bolts made up to a fixed torque before removing the lanyards and running in hole.

proven track record


Over 10000 wireline standoffs have been deployed on over 250 wireline runs to date.

Wireline standoffs remain firmly attached to the wireline cable and have never been lost in hole.

Slippage is carefully monitored after each run and no slippage has ever been recorded.

contingency planning


Wireline standoffs (WLSOs) are designed with strip-over (or cut-and-thread) fishing in mind.  

Prior to every job, drill pipe sizes are checked to ensure that fishing is feasible. 

Strip-over fishing has been successfully performed over wireline standoffs.

Wireline Standoffs

Wireline standoffs (WLSOs) are available in different sizes from 2.15" to 2.95" to suit different drill pipe internal diameters.

Wireline standoffs (WLSOs) are tapered to ensure they can easily pass restrictions in the well.

Gaia Cable Protection System