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Petrophysical Services

Our petrophysicists have a wide range of experience in all formation environments providing expert data assurance and full volumetric evaluations of Wireline or LWD data.


Petrophysical Interpretation &
Log Quality Control

• Expert log analysis and interpretation using industry standard software.  (Interactive Petrophysics)
• Analysis and interpretation studies from basic volumetrics to full field studies. 
• Analysis and input for real-time decision making.
• Wellsite and remote real-time log quality control. 
• Quality control of final data package.
• Legacy data analysis, review and re-interpretation. 


Cased Hole Evaluation & Abandonment Petrophysics

• Ensure compliance with Oil & Gas UK guidelines for abandonment of wells using a combined analysis of all legacy data including well logs and operational reports.
• Support and interpretation of all cased hole measurements including cement and casing evaluation throughout the life cycle of a well.
• Interpretation and evaluation of production logs.



• In-house petrophysical and formation evaluation training for drilling, geology, petroleum engineering and other related personnel.
• Wireline and M/LWD technology and operational planning.
• Advanced wireline conveyance technologies, planning and risk analysis.
• Pipe recovery technologies and techniques.