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Enabling safe and efficient wireline operations in tortuous, soft or depleted wellbores:

less risk, less time, more data

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Hole sections modelled


Wireline standoffs run in hole


Descents with WLSOs (98.6% with successful wireline acquisition)


Maximum depth reached (ft)

What is GCPS?

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GCPS is the Gaia Cable Protection System, a unique (patented) package that enables safe and efficient wireline acquisition in soft, tortuous, or depleted wellbores.

GCPS permits the systematic identification of high-risk wells for cable sticking, where the deployment of Wireline Standoffs (WLSOs) will transform a complex and risky wireline operation into one that is safe, straightforward and cost effective

GCPS delivers:
- A large step change in FE cost & risk reduction (millions of dollars saved)
- Freedom to drill ambitious trajectories and still log on wire
- Fewer cancelled surveys, wiper trips, PCL runs, and strip over fishing.
> 98 % success rate for deployments to date.

GCPS is a combination of:
- Wire-Pro tension modelling software
- Benchmarking using our sticking database
- Wireline Standoffs (WLSOs)
- Gaia Conveyance Specialist at the wellsite

Wire-pro is our unique, bespoke, tension modelling software.

The main focus of Wire-pro is to calculate the risk of keyseating and/or differential cable sticking.

Together with our sticking database, the need for Wireline Standoffs (WLSOs) can be evaluated.

If WLSOs are required, Wire-pro is used to plan the WLSO array(s) to best position the WLSOs in the well.

Wireline standoffs (WLSOs) are precision mechanical clamps that attach to logging cable to suspend it above sticky zones.  

WLSOs are arranged in arrays to cover the risk zones in the well.  The number of standoffs is dependent on the number and size of the risk zones.

The average number of WLSOs deployed in one run is 33 (minimum 3, maximum 96).

The average space-out of WLSOs on the cable is is 55 ft (minimum 35 ft, maximum 120 ft).

The average time to install a WLSO is approximately 1 minute, with the express kit.


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