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WXSO - digital cable standoff

The world's first cable-mounted data package.


WXSO is the result of Gaia’s ongoing R&D into wellbore and cable dynamics (drag, creep and torque) and future conveyance technologies.  It can be considered a “black-box” for a logging run.

The WXSO features a memory gauge with pressure, temperature, accelerometer and magnetometer measurements, with a fast sample rate (32ms).


Uses for WXSO:
• Continuous temperature and pressure log.
• Mud integrity log.
• Independent wireline jar firing and re-cocking record.
• Independent record of all sticking events.
• Cable torque log for stranding risk analysis.
• Loss and influx zone identification.
• Wellbore transients during clean-up and sampling.
• Measurement of well fluid depth.
• Casing collar locator (CCL) log from magnetometer.
• Better estimation of cable creep for optimising formation testing.
• Cased hole contact log for predicting wireline wear zones.

WXSO Presentations

Mud density and Thermal analysis

Showing mud weight and temperature changes between runs.

API logs

Including pressure, temperature, mud weight, CCL, cable spin and cable contact with borehole/casing wall.

Creep analysis

Analysis of cable creep for station logs using the WXSO accelerometer.


Cable dynamics log

Inclination and relative bearing, accelerometers, wireline tension curves.

Pressure Temperature log

Pressure, temperature and synthetic mud weight.

Differential temperature and pressure.


Event Visualisation

Events can be played back as an animation to show cable spin, jar firing, cable creep, stuck tool situations and more.